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We are always seeking original content for Technical Rescue Magazine.  Rather than list areas of interest and word counts for articles, we at TRm believe that any article, product review or incident report is worth considering if you as a reader feel that it is interesting. We tend not to use Gear reviews from outside the TRm editorial staff because we've found over the years that you need to have experience of a very wide range of like equipment in order to be able to compare. And long experience in a particular job doesn't necessarily give you that broad spectrum knowledge - some rescuers may have been operational for a few decades but still only ever used one or two items of a certain type of equipment - invariably that which is issued by the service. When we first started the magazine and offered out equipment for review to various teams and services the report invariably came back overly positive and this was often because the reviewers were a) just pleased to get hold of a new piece of kit and b)only able to compare it with the one item they'd been using for years. There are obviously exceptions to this - maybe Fire service and govt agency procurement and/or training depts often get the chance for goo back to back testing of several of the leading brands available and these would make good articles if you can get it past your boss.

If you have an idea or topic for an article that you would like to write about and are not sure if we would want it, please send a short synopsis of it using the "Contact Us" tab.  Paste your description into the message section.  A TRm editor will respond to your email.

Ade's general guideline to authors is: 

Write with a style and content that you as a rescuer would want to  read.  Don't waffle but use enough space to get your point across. Remember that good pictures or graphics not only maintain reader interest they often illustrate points far better than words alone. If the article is 'educational' or 'instructional' make sure that there are obvious learning points or hints - something the reader can take away from the article and actually put into practice - therefore be precise in your descriptions of actions and equipment required. Finally, try not to swear too much unless discussing senior fire officers or politicians (often indistinguishable).

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